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Posted By Working Links on 07/02/2019

20% off the job support (Apprenticeships Directory_

20% off the job support (Apprenticeships Directory_

The new Apprenticeship standards were introduced to support employers take more control of the talent they bring in to and develop within their business. They are a great way to share skills and pass on years of expertise in a way that is necessary to the role or programme. This enables the employer to guide new talent or upskill their team based on their needs as a business, but the learner is also taught in a way suitable to their learning style. The learner is invested in from the start as a member of the team, creating a positive and motivating way to learn and in turn, they create a sustainable future for businesses.

The 20% off the job section of the Apprenticeship is where the apprentice will take part in training that is delivered outside of their normal working duties. It reinforces practical, work-based learning with technical and theoretical learning. We know it can be difficult to understand and allow your employees the time to fulfil this portion of their Apprenticeship programme, so here you will find support and guidance on best practice.

We work with employers to understand their business and devise bespoke training packages that everyone will benefit from, we have created a toolkit which highlights a variety of methods to enable better facilitation of this, including:

  • one to one delivery to individual learners 
  • group delivery in classroom / workshop settings
  • online learning solutions / virtual classrooms  
  • session plans to incorporate the company's mission statement, vision & values
  • mapping across any internal delivery with the company's Learning and Development department
  • assistance with 20% off the job live project planning to embed knowledge
  • coaching workshops for managers & heads of departments to enable further mentoring post Apprenticeships
  • 1-1 coaching for managers and heads of departments to enable positive management of apprentices while on programme.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) have also launched various supporting documents to help employers determine whether an activity counts as off the job training, ensuring businesses and their apprentices are getting all they can from their programme.

20% off the job toolkit

Off the job training myth busters

These techniques are designed to embed the programme into the job role and ensures the knowledge the apprentice gains, is from a real work project which can be applied to future roles or situations. For more information on how these techniques can transform your Apprenticeships delivery, contact us.

Learner activities

Preparation for the learning experience will help to welcome the learner, answer any of their questions and set the scene relating to the Apprenticeship, the course content, delivery styles and methods, responsibilities of the individuals, training provider, trainer and learner. Group activities relating to the possible impact of the training on clients, the business, the learner and colleagues, are a great way to manage expectations and prepare teams fo rnay change that the programme will bring. The introduction of learning style activities and what it means to be a reflective learner, as well as individual activities to open all learning aims including a personal SWOT analysis, will also help to inform the journey the learner will take.

Learner support

The trainers are available to help with any aspect of the training, from understanding the learning outcomes, to writing assignments, completing worksheets and collecting the right type of evidence. Trainers will provide constructive and developmental feedback on all work, including any improvements needed relating to Maths and English. This can be in person, after the classroom sessions, during arranged one-to-one sessions, or using technology such as email. Smart target setting throughout the programme will ensure a showcase portfolio is developed ready for end-point assessment. Trainers will always accommodate more sessions where needed or extra support in particular subjects.

Learner journey updates

This includes regular meetings between the learner, trainer or mentor and line manager to reflect on recent learning and how the new knowledge has been put into practice in the workplace.

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