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Posted By Woodspeen Training on 20/11/2018

Digital Marketing, Why?

Digital Marketing, Why?

Organisations of all sizes are increasingly looking to leverage social media to improve the quality of their products, 

services, and customer engagement, reduce costs, and much more. Publicly available social media sites and tools, 

such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Sanpchat and YouTube are providing

organisations with robust options for meeting these objectives. They provide a wide range of audio, video, and 

interactive capabilities.

In a business sense for many organisations these tools are still fairly new and relatively unexplored. They are 

however beginning to realise that implementing social media tools internally and externally requires

potential changes in work processes and practices. It is clearly a necessity that the first step must be developing a 

social media strategy (wholly aligned to overall business strategy), understanding what the organisation intends to 

accomplish and how social media will further that mission. Whilst without substantial costs the sheer range and

dynamism of these tools present their own challenges for many and can be seen as a distraction. Woodspeen 

Training aims to meet these challenges by providing accredited qualifications, funded where appropriate that c

reate highly engaged and creative individuals with the appropriate business knowledge (strategy / marketing / 

sales / customer service), judgement and etiquette. The paradigm is one where there is great employer demand, 

massive interest from potential and existing employees but missing or inappropriate / inadequate skills.

Woodspeen Training want to gain quick market traction to underpin the model. This will be achieved by engaging 

current and new clients with the rollout of the Apprenticeships using existing content and known delivery 

expertise acquired from the open market as a base. The frameworks are: Level 2 IT User Skills Apprenticeship, 

Social Networking for Business pathway and Level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Whilst we 

will still customise and contextualise to the client and heavily focus on the outcomes and return on investment

angle with a lean continuous improvement approach. Following successful market entry the follow up is

now focussed on a second phase that is truly unique and will provide real differentiator in terms of client

value. This will be achieved by creating a very dynamic set of programmes encompassing all the skills necessary

to driving an authentic and engaging social media strategy including: Social Media Management, Social Selling, 

Social Marketing and Social Customer Service & Engagement but also the business critical elements of Privacy, 

Security, Analytics and Metrics.

The aim is to create an evolving qualification that adapts to market trends and technology advances producing 

individuals who can realise the potential of digital social technologies as a method for delivering greater business

impact, increasing sustainability and reducing costs for their organisation. We will build on our deep experience of

working with global knowledge-led organisations in developing digital knowledge sharing and the exploration that 

we have done and continue to do in future technologies by:

• Accessing a subset / cross section of target organisations employers in a virtual forum environment to produce highly relevant content

• Engaging ambassadors who have intimate understanding of the market and what organisations want and how they operate

• Using rapid eLearning to create appropriate just in time modules

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