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Posted By EPA Hub on 05/07/2019

EPAO’s : Connecting EPAO's with End Point Assessors

EPAO’s : Connecting EPAO's with End Point Assessors

Its exciting times in the sector, a sector that is still going through phenomenal changes. The shift from frameworks to standards and introduction of the EPA is an exciting one and while its taken a while for people to get their head around and plan for its well and truly in full swing. With more EPAOs being registered, fewer and fewer standards not having an EPAO attached and ITPs and Colleges proactively assigning EPAOs to their learners, as an industry we are moving in the right direction.

However this also poses a potential logistical nightmare, with many EPAO’s only assessing a handful of standards, with their clients (Colleges and ITPs) being based nationally as will their learners be and the fact the volume of learners approaching gateway not at full capacity, how do you ensure you have End Point Assessors to cover the needs of all your clients.

Many EPAO’s are trying to be proactive, creating pools of End Point Assessors, we have seen EPA’s try and appoint permanent End Point Assessors – in the preparation of volumes being at full capacity and have even seen a few End Point Assessors present interesting models of assessments trying to cut costs and ensure there’s no conflict of interest. All of which are great ideas and attempts of combatting an inevitable bottleneck. However with the volume of work, its sporadic nature and time sensitivity, you can’t ignore the fact that the solutions above aren’t always the most cost effective, time efficient way of working.

If only there was a cloud based, real time, register or database of freelance EPA’s, who had all their certificates uploaded, their DBS status, a list of what they could EPA, a means of communicating with them and a rating system, so you had an insight of their previous work.

Imagine a job bard you could advertise your opportunities on plus a Linked In type platform you could connect and communicate with them on too all wrapped into one…

Introducing the EPA Hub. A portal where you can, advertise, search, connect, communicate, book and review all your End Point Assessor needs. The portal is:

  • Cloud based – so can be accessed anywhere
  • Advertise your needs – attracting and engaging with existing and new End Point Assessors
  • Search the database of End Point Assessors – Browse through all the registered End Point Assessors
  • Communicate with the End Point Assessors directly – Keeping a track of all communication, including booking and confirmations
  • Boost your brand – Be in front of the End Point Assessors you trying to engage and interact with
  • Review and read reviews of End Point Assessors – See what reviews have been left to help you make an informed decision
  • Unlimited use – Engage, search, advertise, communicate and confirm as many freelancers and assignments as you need.

All for a single monthly cost. Our Hub is a cost effective, interactive, innovative solution to your End Point Assessor needs.

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