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We have some exciting news!

We have some exciting news!

We have some exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce that from May 2020 we will be delivering the brand-new Healthcare Cleaning Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard. When this Apprenticeship was approved for delivery, we knew that it would be a great addition to our delivery portfolio and our skilled team of tutors are already looking forward to inducting the first apprentices. 

As a well-established (2003) Independent National Training Provider, we value the expertise and experience the employer group have contributed in its development which in turn allows us to stretch and challenge learners to meet the requirements set out by the sector and national standards. We understand that COVID19 has put a strain on the Cleaning and Hygiene sector and by offering employees the opportunity to receive high quality training and support this can increase their confidence and expertise to deliver the best service in line with the requirements set out. 


Apprentices will gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours to undertake routine and non-routine cleaning, decontamination, and rapid response cleaning including bio-chemical waste. They will also gain the essential knowledge of national standards, policies and guidelines, environmental awareness, classification of soil as well as infection prevention. Together with the new healthcare cleaning standards, this Apprenticeship will provide a solid foundation for a highly skilled team who are equipped with the skills to clean to a healthcare standard.


The Apprenticeship can be facilitated in any environment / workplace that requires specific attention to safety and sanitation in public and private areas. 


For more information please get in touch on 0330 088 0888 or via email 

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