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Posted By Baltic Training on 26/09/2018

WHY ARE WORK TRIALS IMPORTANT? (Apprenticeships Directory

WHY ARE WORK TRIALS IMPORTANT? (Apprenticeships Directory

Much like any other recruitment process, we work with our employers to find the perfect fit for their apprenticeship roles. The ideal candidate should not only have the necessary skills and interests relevant to the position, but should also align with a company’s values and culture. We know that every working environment is different, which is why we work trial all of our apprentices.

An apprenticeship is a commitment for at least 12-15 months, but in most cases much longer than this. The majority of Baltic apprentices stay on with their employers as full time members of staff after completing their apprenticeship. This is in part because we find the right people for the right roles.

An invaluable step in this process is the 1-2 day work trial. Less formal than the initial interview stage, the work trial gives the opportunity for everyone involved to get a taste of how well they might work together. Here are some things that we recommend including in your trial for your apprentice.

Get to know their mentor

The mentor should be there to guide and support throughout the course of the apprenticeship. During a work trial, apprentices should be given the opportunity to sit with this mentor and find out more about the exact nature of the role, duties, and responsibilities involved. Remember that they will likely be nervous, so this is a good time to reassure them about what the work trial will involve.

Job shadowing

Job shadowing with one or more members of the team is a great way for an apprentice to get a feel for office life and team dynamics. Ideally, they should spend time with someone that does a similar role to the one they have applied for. Give them the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like, this will help them to get to grips with whether they will fit in with the working environment.

Work on one of the duties listed on the job description

Giving the apprentice a simple task to complete during their work trial is a very effective way to observe their levels of enthusiasm and initiative. The task should be something that will align with what their duties would be, as it is also a way for them to get an idea about whether the job will be right for them. When judging how well you think an apprentice has done on a work trial, try to focus on their professional manner and approach to the task rather than the specific outcome, as these specific skills will come with time.

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Written on: 25 September 2018 Written by:Freya King
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