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Posted on 30/01/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

A lot can happen in 24hrs: Carillion Apprentices to get paid

A lot can happen in 24hrs: Carillion Apprentices to get paid

After the skills minister said Carillion apprentices would stop being paid at the end of the month, the government has now confirmed they will be paid until they find new employers

Great News for Carillon Apprentices

The Department for Education has confirmed that apprentices caught up in the collapse of Carillon will still be paid while they are seeking alternative employment.

The announcement comes after skills minister Anne Milton said 29th Jan that apprentices would only be paid until the end of January in a written response to a question from shadow education secretary Angela Rayner. But today 30th Jan that has changed and apprentices will now be paid

Good News for 1,400 trainee bricklayers and carpenters have been left with uncertain futures ever since the UK’s largest employer of construction apprentices entered liquidation.

A DfE spokeswoman said: “At present, all former Carillion apprentices will continue to be paid while alternative employers are being sought.”

Carillion, which was the UK’s largest construction trainer, went bankrupt earlier this month, leaving behind £5bn of liabilities, just £29m in cash and a long list of unfinished public works. 

It had a £6.5m public contract to train apprentices. When the firm collapsed, apprentices told HuffPost UK how they were kept in the dark about their pay. 

LINDSEY PARNABY VIA GETTY IMAGESShadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner

The DfE spokesman said: “We have taken steps to protect learners by transferring the training of all Carillion apprentices to the Construction Industry Training Board.”

Rayner said some apprentices still have not been contacted, however.

She said: “If the Government has finally caved in to pressure from Labour and trade unions and agreed to continue paying the Carillion apprentices, that is welcome news for hundreds of people who had been left to face the prospect of their wages drying up by the end of the week. We hope that this is the final u-turn and this time they stick to their promises. 

“The apprentices have done nothing but work hard for jobs and qualifications, yet they have faced the threat of being abandoned without pay, work or continued training. It is a shame that Ministers have created such fear and uncertainty by failing to give clear and simple guarantees.

“Even now, it is not clear that every Carillion apprentice has been contacted. The Government must ensure that they are all able to complete their training and get the skills that both they and the wider economy need.”

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