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Posted By Apprenticeships Directory on 04/04/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

Apprentice alerts slavery probe

Apprentice alerts slavery probe

An apprentice in a Mansfield recruitment agency alerted police to an alleged example of modern slavery.

Chloe Ford 21 who started at Freshstart recruitment on Commercial Gate, Mansfield in June

Director of Freshstart recruitment Emma McLaughlin said; “In September a group of Romanians came into our office.

“Something did not feel right to Chloe.

“They were escorted in by two men .

“All their bank details were the same and they were all living at the same address.

We contacted ‎Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)nd it led to three arrests and two people being saved from modern slavery who were being ill treated.

“Chloe did exactly the right thing. We put her through all our training, which highlights the tell tale signs to spot.

The men were arrested under Operation Neath in October three weeks after they were identified.

The investigation is continuing.

Speaking at a meeting of Mansfield 2020 Samantha Ireland head of business change at the GLAA said: “Operation Neath is an investigation into the exploitation of Romanian workers.

“Eight workers brought in by two Romanian men, who did all the speaking.

“The same address and bank details was used on all paperwork and next of kin was always one of the two Romanian men.

“The GLAA was contacted. Three arrests have been made, four people interviewed and two people rescued. From the investigation, more and more recruitment agencies popped up that these people were using to exploit these men.”

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