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Posted By Apprenticeships Directory on 16/03/2019 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

Apprentices need support throughout their apprenticeship. Here are some tips for employers to make them the best workers they can be

Apprentices need support throughout their apprenticeship. Here are some tips for employers to make them the best workers they can be

Supporting Your Apprentice

Taking on an apprentice is a two-way street. What you as the employer put into training the apprentice, embedding valuable knowledge, skills and insight will usually provide you with a complete and well-trained apprentice come end-point assessment time.

It is essential that you support your apprentice throughout their entire apprenticeship, and we’ll help to guide you on the little things, like how to embed valuable off-the-job training into your programme, how to navigate EPA and track progress with our EPA learner packs and offer guidance where necessary on how to get the most from your apprentice and their training.

Employers must be able to provide their apprentice with an induction into their role and provide on-the-job training. Ensuring that an apprentice feels comfortable in their surroundings and making yourself approachable as an employer when they have questions are two key initial building blocks.

How can you ensure that an apprentice feels part of the team and welcomed from the outset? Make the introduction period as comprehensive as possible, including perhaps the mapping out of their apprenticeship standard criteria in order to have logical steps and goals throughout the time they will be with you in training.

It’s always a good idea to remember that an apprentice has committed to you and committed to learning the job inside out in order to help their career prospects and your company. Offering support and training opportunities where you can will be invaluable to their personal and professional development.

The more trust you place in your apprentices, the more you are presenting them with the opportunity to showcase their skills through their development.

A good idea might be to provide your apprentice with a role model or apply a shadowing/mentoring approach so your apprentice has someone to take advice from and enhance their skills and opportunities.

The use of regular appraisals or catch-ups may also prove to be excellent tools to recap with your apprentice on their projects, progress and targets moving forwards. It will also present a great opportunity for you to see where they’re at in terms of being end-point assessment ready with one eye on the gateway meeting ahead.

Supporting Your Apprentice

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