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NEMA has been developed to provide Apprenticeship Courses and associated services across a number of disciplines. However, our approach is what makes us standout; our passion is our relationship between the learner, employer and the complete journey, ensuring open, fluid, consistent communication. We believe our holistic approach to delivering services, is what makes the difference, we tailor our services, courses and delivery to meet the actual needs of the individual.

We are passionate about teaching and our passion means that we look to empower individuals to not just learn, but to apply that learning in their work; creating a tangible impact for the employer, whilst developing the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours of the learners. Our intent is to ensure that the individual learner is empowered to make decisions over their own learning, including how they learn, what they learn through identifying, recognising and applying prior knowledge, skills and experience. The intent is to clearly identify the business needs and through a holistic approach, allow courses to be adapted in delivery to ensure those employer needs are met.

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