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Diversification Vs. Distraction (Apprenticeships Directory)

Diversification Vs. Distraction (Apprenticeships Directory)

The challenge Training Providers and businesses in general now face is, what is the next step?

1) Do we stick to our core, what we know and apply tweaks?

2) Do we diversify, create new revenue streams and capitalise on opportunities?

It’s easy to mistake an opportunity to “diversify” as a “distraction”

The reality is there is no definitive answer, however a few points to consider:

1. How far detached is it from your core business?

2. Does the diversification play to your strengths and are you able to use your core business as a platform / launch pad, or will the diversification be a start up?

3. Do you have the internal talent / staff / expertise to run with this?

4. How much time effort and finance is involved? Would that be better used rebuilding your core?

5. Are your competitors doing this? If not, why not.

Having recruited into Employability & Skills for the last 11 years, being involved in a numerous project and launching both S Knights and subsidiaries in the last 7 years; I pride myself on being more than just a recruiter to our clients.

If you would like to talk about recruitment, the sector or plans for your business, I’d love to have a chat.

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