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Posted By Apprenticeships Directory on 08/08/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

ESFA Update further education: 8 August 2018

ESFA Update further education: 8 August 2018

1. Information: updated using subcontractors in the delivery of apprenticeships - policy background and examples document

We have now published the August 2018 version of the using subcontractors in the delivery of apprenticeships - policy background and examples document on GOV.UK.

The August 2018 document reflects relevant amendments made in version 1 of the 2018 to 2019 apprenticeship funding rules.

For any queries, contact us through our Business Operations Service Desk by email ( or by telephone on 0370 2640001. You can also contact your provider manager / adviser.

2. Information: subcontracting fees and charges

We have published a statement explaining our intention to work with the sector to develop and publish expectations around subcontracting fees and charges in the coming months.

ESFA recognises that subcontracting has an important role to play in delivering quality learning to apprentices and adult learners. In recent years, we have strengthened our rules around subcontracting. These changes have ensured that providers’ fees and charges are transparent.

In the coming months, we will undertake further work to develop our expectations about the services that providers should offer to their subcontractors with the sector. Our key priorities will be to develop an approach which:

  • increases the amount of funding that reaches front line delivery

  • increases transparency by ensuring that providers explain in detail the make-up of their fees and charges

We plan to publish our final expectations by the end of the year and any changes will come into force in 2019.

3. Information: in-year Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR) for 2017 to 2018 – updated guidance

We have published an updated version of the in-year QAR guidance on the QAR webpage.

Based on the queries received by the service desk since the in-year data release, we have updated the guidance about overdue continuing aims and correcting data, and included additional guidance about the hybrid end year.

If you have any questions, please contact the service desk.

4. Information: learning aim class codes 2018 to 2019

We have published our guide to using Learning Aim Class Codes 2018 to 2019.

This document sets out the details the classification and coding system to be used to record non-regulated activity in the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) for 2018 to 2019.

For further information, please contact the service desk.

5. Information: performance reporting - FE college groups and multi-site colleges consultation response

DfE has published its response to the recent consultation on changes to the way we report educational performance data for FE colleges. The consultation response sets out the policy decisions that DfE have made following the consultation, and next steps.

The changes will affect FE and sixth form college corporations that deliver their provision under more than one college identity (often as part of a “group” structure), and some other colleges that deliver through more than one site.

We will implement the changes for the 2018 to 2019 ILR year.

ESFA will be writing to individual corporations over the next few weeks to start the implementation process. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact your ESFA intervention team lead.

6. Information: apprenticeship payments system

We are making a number of improvements to the apprenticeship payments system to address known issues.

You may see adjustments reflecting this reconciliation at R12, to show more accurate reporting. This includes updates to the employer co-investment field.

It is important that you submit accurate timely data and that any amendments to your 2017 to 2018 ILR data is completed by 6pm on 18 October 2018. After this, you will not be able to fix any data match issues, which will affect payment relating to August 2017 to July 2018 activity.

For more detail, please look at the published article on FE Connect.

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