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Posted on 22/01/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

Ford and Slater launches apprenticeships council

Ford and Slater launches apprenticeships council

DAF dealer Ford and Slater has introduced an apprenticeships council across its 10 sites, giving apprentices the chance to provide feedback to senior management.

According to group apprentice co-ordinator Lee Sursham, (pictured), trainees have the opportunity to offer suggestions to dealer managers whenever they attend the meetings.

He said: “We sometimes bring our marketing teams on to the panels, and apprentices have contributed ideas for promotional material that is used to promote our apprenticeship programme in schools and colleges. An apprentice at one of our depots might then go to a local school and take a truck along for the students to see, or explain diagnostic equipment at a careers festival.”

Ford and Slater runs HGV technician, bodyshop technician and parts sales apprenticeship schemes, and its intake has increased from nine apprentices hired in 2014 to 17 in 2017. Sursham said its depots often face fierce competition from other local businesses, which means it needs to be proactive when it comes to recruitment.

“In Coventry, for example, we face a lot of competition from Jaguar Land Rover - a lot of young technicians want to work there,” he added. "We might not be as sexy as the car industry, but we always tell young people about the great opportunities available.”

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