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Posted on 08/01/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

How to apply EPA

How to apply EPA


Register of apprentice assessment organisations: pre-application guidance

PDF, 647KB, 24 pages

Register of end-point assessment organisations: conditions for organisations on the register of end-point assessment organisations

PDF, 384KB, 24 pages

List of apprenticeship standards for application (January 2018)

MS Excel Spreadsheet, 78.6KB


Have you applied, or are you thinking about applying to our Register of end-point assessment organisations? If so, please help with our research to improve the registration process.

For a brief introduction for organisations please listen to this narrated presentation which provides an overview of the register of end-point assessment organisations and how it supports employers.

If you are interested in delivering the knowledge, skills and behaviours elements of the apprenticeship do not apply to the Register of End-point Assessment Organisations.

You need to apply to the register of apprenticeship training providers.

Some assessment plans have specific EQA requirements, please ensure that you meet these requirements before you submit your application.

We offer CSV (comma separated values) files as this is the most open format in which we can provide this information to a varied range of users.

A CSV file opens up as a text file and will display the data in Excel. We recommend that, for ease of use, you change the CVS file format (.csv) to Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx.). To do this:

  • The document should open in Excel automatically to your desktop. If not then, open the CVS File in Microsoft Excel.
  • Navigate to the ‘File’ tab and click Save As
  • Then select Excel Enabled workbook (xlsm) or Excel 97-2003 workbook (xls) from the drop down menu.
  • Click Save.

Once you’ve done this, you may wish to add ‘filters’ to the columns so you can search and retrieve the information you require quicker. If you need further assistance, then please email

Before you start an application you must read the ‘pre-application guidance’. It contains important information about the application process and the type of organisation that we are seeking for the register.

Support for applications

We have been working closely with the Education and Training Foundation to extend their successful Future Apprenticeships programme to support the end-point assessment process.

The support package, which includes a one-day workshop and follow-up activity with action planning, looks at the detail, the issues and opportunities for organisations considering delivering end-point assessment. The workshop in particular will help understand end-point-assessment processes, possible organisational models and the Register of Apprenticeship End-point Organisations.

Organisations considering applying to the register may want to take advantage of this development activity being offered through the Future Apprenticeships programme.

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