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Posted By Apprenticeships Directory on 10/06/2019 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

Latest funding Bands released

Latest funding Bands released

Review of apprenticeship funding bands

Over the summer the Institute has been reviewing the funding bands of 31 standards. The Department for Education requested that these existing standards be reviewed to assess where they should sit in the new 30 band funding structure, which was introduced for new apprentice starts from August 2018.

30 of these standards have now been reviewed. Some standards have remained in the same funding band. The following standards will have their funding bands changed:

  • hair professional
  • aviation ground specialist
  • dental nurse
  • senior healthcare support worker
  • customer service practitioner
  • insurance practitioner
  • dual fuel smart meter installer
  • assistant accountant
  • rail engineering technician
  • paralegal
  • professional accounting taxation technician
  • engineering technician
  • maintenance and operations engineering technician
  • power network craftsperson
  • digital marketer
  • network engineer
  • chartered manager degree apprenticeship
  • team leader/supervisor
  • associate project manager
  • operations/departmental manager
  • retailer
  • hospitality team member
  • commis chef
  • digital and technology solutions professional

As part of the review of funding bands carried out by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, the Secretary of State has approved the following changes:

Standards under review from May 2018

Standard referenceStandard namePre-review funding bandReviewed funding band
ST0033Motor vehicle service and maintenance technician (light vehicle)£18,000Band 18 (£15,000)

Standards under review from December 2018

Standard referenceStandard namePre-review funding bandReviewed funding band
ST0164Engineering design and draughtsperson£27,000Band 27 (£24,000)
ST0178Financial services customer adviser£4,000Band 5 (£3,500)
ST0039Aviation operations manager£5,000Band 10 (£7,000)

Funding band increases have taken effect immediately. Funding band reductions will take effect on 5 August 2019 after a 3 month notification period.

Further information on the funding bands for individual standards and when their funding bands will change can be found on the Institute’s website.


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