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Posted on 27/01/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

My Apprenticeship Journey with Sally Claughton

My Apprenticeship Journey with Sally Claughton

HAVING decided during senior school that sitting in a classroom was not the best way forward for me to learn effectively, which was confirmed when I went to college, I decided on the apprenticeship route.

I knew I was capable of learning, as I had done quite well with my GCSEs and college qualifications, but I am, and always have been a “hands-on” learner.

So, I decided that the business world, customer services, recruitment and helping people in this way, was the route I would explore and got a job as a trainee recruitment consultant.

I did my qualifications alongside this role and used my day job as the basis of all the coursework for which I enrolled.

I was able to learn on the job with highly qualified mentors who trained me in every aspect of the business, whilst I was studying at home for the written knowledge part of the qualifications.

This method enabled me to fast track my qualifications and become a successful recruitment consultant with not only hands-on experience and expertise but also with certificates to back up all I had learned.

Over the years, I have always set myself achievement targets. These were not only career milestones, but also qualification levels to continually improve and update my knowledge. Subsequently, I achieved my first career wise goal of becoming a branch manager before more recently becoming a business owner.

I have proved that a degree was not necessary to succeed in my field, even though all my qualifications added together can now be obtained through the degree apprenticeship route that now exists.

I wholeheartedly believe that apprenticeships benefit most businesses and many people from most walks of life as an alternative way to learning skills and enjoying a rewarding future.

Why not try the apprenticeship route to mould yourself into the person that you want to be?

I will never regret doing it this way and have become a true lifetime recruiter because of the training, mentoring and support I received through the apprenticeship system.

If, as an individual, you feel I might be able to help you realise your potential or as a business owner, that you are looking to develop that side of your operation, please do not hesitate to contact me on and I can offer recruitment help and advice on who the best training providers might be to support your qualifications.

Sally Claughton,

Chief operating officer,

Questality Recruitment

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