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Posted on 02/02/2018 in Apprenticeship Sector News Stories

Schools to pay £110 million apprenticeship levy

Schools to pay £110 million apprenticeship levy

A Department for Education document published today states: "We estimated that over 16,000 schools (three quarters of the total) will pay a combined apprenticeship levy of around £110 million."

The levy has been criticised for adding an extra pressure to maintained schools' budgets – while exempting many academies from the costs.

This is because it is only paid by employers with annual wage bills of more than £3 million – and for maintained schools it is their local authority's pay bill that is taken into account.

The apprenticeship levy will hit more than 16,000 schools, which will have to pay a combined £110 million into the fund, according to Department for Education estimates.

But, while all maintained schools are expected to contribute to the levy, the DfE predicts only half of single-school academies will be covered.

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