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Posted By Careermap on 13/08/2019 in Careers information

The Careermag Results Day Guide

The Careermag Results Day Guide

Results Day is just around the corner but don’t worry! Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, guardian, career leader or career adviser, the Careermag Results Day Guide will offer an interesting and insightful read covering all vital aspects of Results Day. 

What Does the Careermag Results Day Guide Include?

The Careermag Results Day Guide is packed full with independent career information based on the ever changing career pathways available to students. It looks in depth at everything you need to know on GCSE and A Level Results Day this year. Plus you’ll find a wide range of apprenticeship, university and college opportunities highlighted in this useful career resource. 

In the Careermag Results Day Guide, we delve deep into the options available through UCAS if you, your student or child do better or worse than expected. 

Remember: even though it might feel like the end of the world right now - it isn’t! There really are a wealth of opportunities available.

This magazine is a great resource that also looks into those crucial employability skills such as CV writing, Clearing, Adjustment, how to boost your prospects this summer and much more. So if you’re unsure what guidance is out there for you then this is a must-read!

How Can I Receive The Careermag Results Day Guide?

To receive the Careermag Results Day Guide, all you simply have to do is simply subscribe for free here.

The guide, which is created in conjunction with our Community Partner PiXL, is a highly respected resource amongst teachers and education leaders. So whether you’re struggling to find inspiration or simply want to get the lowdown on the rapidly changing job market then this is the guide for you. 

We understand how stressful Results Day can be so we’ve even included a bonus article: Our Mental Health Toolkit feature is there to support with mental health tips at this stressful time.

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