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Posted By Strategic Development Network (SDN) on 10/03/2020 in Webinars
2-part webinar series: Supporting your employers with their apprenticeship mentor role

2-part webinar series: Supporting your employers with their apprenticeship mentor role


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9:30 AM
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10:30 AM
£95 + VAT

The role of the employer in supporting on-the-job learning is crucial to the success of the apprenticeship. Many employers (and their staff) are new to the world of apprenticeships, and look to providers for support.

So what guidance should you give as the provider? How can you best support employers to provide high quality support and mentoring for on-the-job learning?

Drawn from our work with employers and 1,000 apprenticeship providers, these webinars will take you through:

  • who employers can use as a mentor in apprenticeships
  • the difference between mentoring and line management
  • the mentor’s role at different stages of the apprenticeship journey
  • providing the right level of support to mentors up-front
  • how mentors can help to develop apprentices’ knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • examples of effective practice, and actions you can take

This two-part webinar takes place on Tues, 17 March 2020 at 09.30-10.30 and 12.30-1.30. Can’t make the date / times? Book anyway and we’ll send you the full recordings and materials.

You can book onto the series for £95 (+VAT). If you have several staff who would benefit, let us know and we’ll send you details of the most cost effective way of accessing the series.

Who is this webinar for?

For managers, business development, curriculum and front-line staff involved in apprenticeship training.

Facilitators and speakers

The webinar will be facilitated by Simon Shaw. Simon works with employers up and down the country to launch and grow their apprenticeship programmes and is also the Director of a training provider, with first-hand experience of working with employers at every stage of the apprenticeship.

Why an SDN webinar?

SDN has supported over 5,000 apprenticeship staff, from 1,000 organisations, to prepare to deliver apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment. We’ve also worked closely with over 80 of the trailblazer employer groups, giving us a unique insight into what is required.


To keep costs to a minimum for delegates, payment can only be made online via credit card. If you are a public sector body (e.g. Local Authority) who is unable to book via card, please email us on:

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