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Posted By The AIM Group on 21/10/2019 in Webinars
Addressing The Skills Gap In The Hospitality Industry

Addressing The Skills Gap In The Hospitality Industry

The AIM Group
United Kingdom

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The AIM Group works with global and national employers to find top talent to place into their business whilst enabling businesses to reach their CSR objectives. Through our experience and understanding of the hospitality skills-gap and knowledge of how to reach and engage with the industry's key demographic we are looking to break down the stigma about working in the hospitality industry and create positive change and end the skills gap crisis in the hospitality industry today.

Our unique approach allows partner employers and their opportunities to be at the forefront of our marketing and engagement strategy, including our school engagement outreach programme to whole year groups of school leavers across England and our partnership programme which reaches over 750 NEET* organisations across the country.

(*NEET - Not in Education, Employment or Training)

In our first ever project with a giant in the food travel industry over a six month period:

  • 1000+ people were interviewed
  • 200+ people were placed into Hospitality Roles
  • 130+ people still remain in their roles

This year we pledge that:

  • 1000 people will be placed into work with opportunities for further education e.g. Customer Service Qualifications with our partner employers.

Our mission is to positively engage with young people, including those who face barriers to progression, and to support social mobility through equal employment opportunities with businesses like yours.

About this Webinar:

The AIM Group has been working alongside some of the biggest companies and employers in the UK since 2015 with one goal - to ensure every young person is given an equal opportunity to succeed in a career of their choice no matter what their background or location is.

In this webinar we will cover what it means where there is a ‘skills shortage’ and what industries are really feeling the effects and what these effects can have on your organisation.

We will then talk about our own Hospitality Agenda for the next 24 months and how working can create a clear pipeline of talent into your organisation.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • The current Skills Shortage
  • What does it mean for The Hospitality Industry?
  • Our Hospitality Agenda for the next 24 months
  • Creating a clear pipeline of talent into your organisation

We hope you join us as we discuss not only our achievements and goals for the next 24 months, but how through working with us we can change the Hospitality industry and get top talent into your business whilst supporting local communities.

Please note: The link to attend the webinar will be sent to your email address within 12hrs of the webinar starting.

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