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Posted By Mercuri International (UK) Ltd on 15/01/2019 in Webinars

Everything you wanted to know about Sales Apprenticeships


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If you are one of the organisations which contributed 92% of untouched funds or, are interested in understanding how to maximise your Levy contribution or want to enrol your sales team on the exciting new  Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship programme – then please join us on this 15 minute webinar during which Dan Hodgetts, Apprenticeship Consultant for Mercuri International will:

Experience tells us that organisations which commit to professional sales development:

  • Significantly enhance the probability of year on year result improvement.
  • See improvement in forecast accuracy and pipeline conversion.
  • Increase individual sales productivity by on average, two more customer meetings each week.
  • Increase average order value by up to 34% over the following six month period.
  • Reduce sales force attrition significantly.
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