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Posted By Apprenticeships 4 England on 05/02/2019 in Training events
Free webinar: The status of portfolios in end-point assessment and what it means in practice

Free webinar: The status of portfolios in end-point assessment and what it means in practice

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12:30 AM
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1:30 PM
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If you are looking to deliver, or prepare your apprentices for end-point assessments in the future, you will need to get to grips with the assessment methods specified in the new assessment plans.

The world of end-point assessment is moving fast – keeping up to date isn’t going to be easy but we’re here to help! – with our friends over at The Strategic Development Network (SDN) of course!

This free webinar hosted in association with SDN, will focus on assessment method that has caused most confusion is the status of portfolios in end-point assessment and what this means for on-programme trainers and end-point assessors.

On Fri, 15th February (12.30-1.30pm) SDN and Protocol will provide clarity and practical pointers  and we’ll take you through:

  • Where portfolios are found and why there is disparity
  • How portfolios are used within end-point assessment
  • The advantages and risks of portfolios as a method of assessment
  • What it means in practice for trainers
  • What it means in practice for end-point assessors


Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for trainers, end-point assessors and their managers – those planning to deliver, or prepare apprentices for, the end-point assessment.

Facilitators and speakers

The webinar will be facilitated by Chris Cherry, an SDN specialist in apprenticeship on-programme training and end-point assessment. Chris has been heavily involved in the development of new standards and assessment plans, as well as supporting many of the first EPAOs to set up and start delivering end-point assessment. Chris holds a Masters in assessment theory and is well published in this area.

Why a SDN-Protocol webinar?

Protocol have been the leading recruitment agency to the skills, training and further education sector for over 20 years. SDN are leading experts in the apprenticeship reforms. We’ve directly supported 5,000 apprenticeship staff, from 900 organisations, to help prepare to deliver apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment. We’ve also worked closely with 80 of the trailblazer employer groups, giving us a unique insight into what is required.

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