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Posted By Strategic Development Network (SDN) on 31/07/2020 in Webinars
Free webinar: What you need to know before the Traineeship procurement

Free webinar: What you need to know before the Traineeship procurement

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1:30 PM
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2:15 PM

The ESFA have now announced that they will shortly be launching a procurement opportunity so more providers can access funding to deliver Traineeships.  If you’re currently puzzling over whether you could, or should, add Traineeships to your offer, then do join our free webinar on Wednesday 5th August (13.30-2.15pm)

Traineeships can be a fantastic way for providers and employers to help learners develop early knowledge, skills and behaviours, ready to progress into work or an apprenticeship – but they are not without challenges!

Our webinar will help you work through:

  • What is a Traineeship and how is it funded?
  • Thinking about the employer (role, engagement, benefits, challenges)
  • Thinking about the learner (learner journey, expectations)
  • Procurement
  • Q&A

The ESFA will be looking for providers with the capacity to start providing high-quality Traineeships quickly through a ring-fenced contract. The procurement process is likely to be speedy, so it’s important you get ahead and start thinking and planning now.

Who is this free webinar for?

Anyone considering the delivery of Traineeships in light of recent announcements from the ESFA.


The session will be facilitated by SDN Senior Associates Karen Kelly and Anna Sutton. Both Karen and Anna were senior managers at the ESFA and work with some of the largest Traineeship providers in the country.

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