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Posted By Skills Forward on 01/02/2019 in Support Services

The 2019 functional skills qualifications are coming - but find out how ForSkills have got them covered.


We’ve got the new functional skills covered!

Key Changes


  • There is a strong emphasis on spelling including phonics at Entry Level – 50% of the marks on the written paper are awarded to spelling. The standards include lists of the words learners are expected to be able to read and spell at each of the three Entry Levels.
  • At Entry level, 50-70% of the composition marks are awarded for SPaG, and at L1/L2, 40-45% of the marks are awarded for SPaG
  • Learners will have no access to spelling and grammar checking aids in the exam


  • 25% of the marks are for questions where a calculator is not allowed and 75% where a learner may have a calculator.
  • 25% of the marks are awarded for testing underpinning skills and 75% for assessing problem solving.

How we’re covering the changes

Our new single assessment is mapped to the new functional skills standards, and will assess a learner’s level in English and maths in around


The new assessment will revolutionise the initial assessment process and will be available to customers in the New Year.

New functional skills diagnostics will be ready by the end of 2018, but will not be rolled out until first teaching in September 2019.

We have two ground-breaking interactive videos available now, which cover the new standards. With SPaG Check, learners are given a thorough ‘MOT’ of their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills – worth between 40-70% of the marks in the new functional skills exam.

The Cake Off transports the learner into the heart of a TV bakery show where they need to perform a variety of functional calculations to stay in the competition and take the title!

Read more with links to the new standards >

Speak to our sales team to find out more. 

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