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More About Promote-ED

About Us

Promote-Ed has been created from a desire to make a difference to the education sector through promotion, the sharing of issues and campaigning for a positive change.

Established in 2020 and launched in less than 10 days we are an Ed-tech business with a difference.

Created through personal experiences, which affected over 5,000 people in the most traumatic manner, our passion is to ensure it never happens again. Through building a collaborative network of practitioners, who can debate openly. we have a vehicle and voice to promote both their businesses and organisations whilst ensuring that the positive work of the sector as a whole is recognised.

Running a business within the education sector can be a lonely place, even for some of the largest providers (Colleges, Schools, Independent Training Providers or in the third sector or employers). Policies are often clear but the guidance that support them are confusing, widely open to interpretation and policed by regulators on an inconsistent basis. This has to change. Sanctions for poor performance or breach of the rules and regulations must be applied consistently and lessons learnt for everyone else.

Our aim is simple, remove the confusion, support practitioners and make the sector stronger.

We will not:

  • Investigate scandal, create scandal for readership or those that want to spread rumour and cause grief
  • Action calls from whistle-blowers, there is a formal process for this to happen and this should be followed consistently
  • Moderate comments on any articles and news produced that don’t follow our aim and core principles for the service.
  • Receive ‘leaked’ documents and use them for a purpose that suits us
  • Run conferences where we profit from with civil servants and others providing their services to us free of charge
  • Promote any individual provider, our belief is strength lies with collaboration not competition.

We will:

  • Act open and honestly
  • Be ‘the’ vehicle to promote our brilliant sector in all its guises
  • Challenge politely and constructively where our regulators issue guidance or policy which is neither workable or confusing
  • Become ‘the voice’ of the sector with the biggest level of participation across our various markets
  • Effect beneficial and positive change
  • Become the trade body for the sector which is truly independent – you will be able to come to us without fear of leaks and spins on your issues.

This is not a business that has been established for profit. Any surpluses will be utilised to promote the sector via bursary or other means and we would welcome views on how we can develop an open and transparent approach to this as we go forward with Promoting Education.

Promote-Ed will only achieve it’s aims with your support and most importantly your participation. Built and supported by practitioners for practitioners to make the sector more resilient and successful and above all promote success. It is now over to you.

Join us in the journey to a better, positive education sector.

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