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Posted By Apprenticeships 4 England on 07/04/2020 in Apprenticeships

COVID-19: New break in learning flexibility - How to use pause & stop in the apprenticeship service

This video shows you how to use how to use pause & stop in the apprenticeship service to record a break in learning. • Important: pausing a learner means that the training will not be paid for during that month. If training has taken place, you should not pause the learner until after the 4th working day of the following month. For example, if the last training takes place in April, you should stop your learner on 7th May or later, so that your training provider is paid for the training that took place in April.  This video takes you through : • The new measures relating to breaks in learning that were detailed in the Apprenticeship Programme Response to COVID-19 document, that was published on 23rd March 2020. • Why you might want to pause or stop an apprentice record in the apprenticeship service, and how to do it. • We will also explain the steps that training providers have to take to record apprentice “breaks in learning” through the Individualised Learner Record, or ILR 

Recording date: 26th March 2020  Please note that information in this video is correct at time of publishing.    For further support: Provider Support Manual 2019 to 2020 - version 2 – March 2020: Set up web alerts on GOV.UK for our ESFA Digital Blog:  To register for our future webinar programme:  Queries about the apprenticeship service: https://help.apprenticeships.educatio. 

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