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Posted By Bolt on 09/08/2018 in Apprenticeships

FE Insights | Angela Middleton on Making your Levy Offer Stand Out

Some of FE's leading lights share their tips on a range of challenges facing the sector. What is the Apprenticeship Levy? Find out more in this video.

Angela Middleton is the CEO of MiddletonMurray

Angela Middleton, Founder & Owner of MiddletonMurray Group, is a dynamic social entrepreneur and figurehead of the training and apprenticeship industry. After starting her career as a graduate trainee at BP Oil, she then moved into senior management positions at Barclays Bank before founding MiddletonMurray in 2002. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest apprenticeship and training providers in the UK, placing over 2,500 young professionals into their first jobs. MiddletonMurray has been recognised and accredited for its achievements by numerous organisations and official bodies such as Goldman Sachs and Ofsted, and is currently valued in excess of £30m.

Angela’s Linkedin profile -

Head over to to gain access to more footage and Angela’s full interview

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