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Posted By Bolt on 16/08/2018 in Apprenticeships

FE Insights | Steve Lawrence on Contextualising Delivery

Some of FE's leading lights share their tips on a range of challenges facing the sector. What is the Apprenticeship Levy? Find out more in this video.

Steve Lawrence is the Managing Director of East Essex Vocational Training Ltd (or EEVT) and also gives his time to the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance and works as an Ambassador for the Asian Apprenticeship Awards, for which he’s also served as head judge.

Steve currently divides his time across a range of clients specialising in various disciplines; Employability, Security, Logistics, Health and Social Care,  His work includes Bids, Contracts, Matrix, PQQ, ROATP, ROTO, Mergers, Pre-Ofsted and items around compliance.

He believes in learning as being a key factor to social mobility and champions young learners in Entrepreneurship.

Steve’s Linkedin profile -

Head over to to gain access to more footage and Steve’s full interview

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