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Posted By Welcome Two Learning Limited on 04/05/2020 in Apprenticeships

How Welcome Two can benefit your business.

Are you in the position where you need your business to gear up around a new or repeat campaigns, new products or services, but you don’t have the time or budget for long, arduous, costly training programmes?  

Are you a Managing Director or HR Manager trying to run your business but you’re not too sure how to deliver good, efficient training which gets the results which you need? 

Research tells us that due to our increasing busyness and ever decreasing concentration span, two minutes is the optimum length of time to deliver a training message for maximum application.  

Welcome Two can work with you to forecast your key trigger points and deploy 2-minute training videos based on your business plan, i.e. enabling your teams to do what you need to do, and when. This method allows you to provide the right information at the right time, ensuring you are maximising opportunities and not filling employees’ heads full of stuff they don’t need. Let’s think about a manager who is having a bi-annual appraisal and needs to have a tricky conversation about performance, but isn’t too sure how to go about it. A quick view of one of the 2-minute training videos provided, gives them a simple, step by model, which will enable them to feel capable to address the issue. 

Or how about the sales agent who has an opportunity to speak with a customer about a new and exciting product you have launched but didn’t have much time to read the email with the new marketing material. Watching a 2-minute video update of the key features and benefits of the product gives them the confidence to go in and close the deal. 

These are just two examples of how your business can benefit by working with Welcome Two. This methodology can be used in many other ways and can be fully bespoke to your business strategy and plan. Welcome Two - delivering the right training at the right time.

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