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Posted By Mesma Limited on 16/07/2019 in Experts Apprenticeship Sector

Trainer / Assessor Confidence for the Apprenticeship Standards

Trainer / Assessor Confidence for the Apprenticeship Standards

The role of the Trainer / Assessor for apprenticeships has changed. Here is what you need to know and how to make the changes. 

If you currently deliver apprenticeships as a trainer / assessor, your role is likely to be going through considerable change. In the new world of apprenticeship standards, trainers / assessors need to:

  • Design and conduct the training differently
  • Integrate new assessment methods
  • Integrate the concept of grading with the training, and
  • Prepare apprentices to meet the gateway and undertake end-point assessment

This change is a huge amount to process for trainers / assessors. So, to help, we've set out 15 quick questions to ask yourself to test whether you're 'standards ready', or need to brush up on a couple of things.

15 quick check questions for the new trainer / assessor role

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