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Posted By Welcome Two Learning Limited on 17/11/2019 in Apprenticeships

Welcome Two Talent Management

Welcome Two Talent Management. 

How do you manage the talent in your organisation so you are confident each key role has someone ready to take over when the time is right? 

Are you a manager who wants to stretch their team members, but are not sure how to go about it? Culture and values are central to the strategy and purpose in most organisations. 

We know that great leaders create winning organisational cultures, build high performing teams and develop talented colleagues who go on to deliver outstanding results that benefit customers and end users.  

An appraisal, talent and performance management process are critical to achieving a culture of high performance. Its key that every colleague in the business to take part in a full appraisal of their performance, behaviours and development needs on a regular basis.   

Within this process it is the responsibility of every line manager to ensure that  they are setting meaningful objectives that engage, stretch and motivate their teams; that they are addressing performance gaps quickly; providing the necessary support and development to enable their teams to bring their best selves to work and looking for the opportunities to develop the talented future leaders in the business.

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